The MGT Radio electromagnetic method or RADIO EM is a powerful tool that enables rapid detection of lateral changes of the electrical conductivity in the ground. The method is similar to the well known Very Low Frequency technique (VLF), but it comprises new and innovative features:

• Extended frequency range from 5 kHz to 250 kHz
• Extraordinary applications: point-by-point measurements, deployment on moving platforms and airborne measurements
• Evaluation of all radio transmitter signals that are available in a particular area
• Determination of strike direction of geologic structures
• Measurement of 3 components of the electromagnetic field: Hx, Hy, Hz
• RADIO EM is 10-20 times faster than conventional VLF measurements


Visualisation of ferrous objects in the ground
Time to acquire data: 40 Minutes
Total length of profiles: 3 km
Area: ~ 3 ha

MGT data processing software

• enables processing of ground as well as airborne Radio EM data sets
• transforms time series of defined window length into frequency domain
• selects evaluation frequencies which are available in a survey area
• conducts univariate or bivariate analysis
• performs error analysis


• mapping steeply dipping geological structures such as faults, fracture zones
• areas of mineralization
• groundwater zones
• localization contaminant zones in the soil, cables, pipelines
• salt/fresh water contacts.

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