ir_thermoInfrared thermography is a noncontact temperature measurement. It senses the infrared energy emitted by a target (soil, buildings, rivers, etc.). Infrared sensors have a fast response and are commonly used to measure moving and intermittent targets, that are inaccessible due to hostile environments.
TIR remote sensing provides a unique tool for qualitative and quantitative investigations of surface geothermal activity that can be applied to the exploration for new geothermal power resource and the study and monitoring of geothermal systems.
TIR remote sensing data can be used to map and quantify temperature anomalies associated with surface geothermal features such as hot springs, geysers, fumaroles, and heated ground. This approach has been used as a cost-effective tool for geothermal exploration over large areas enabling subsequent selection of targets for further exploration using ground-based surveys.

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