Geomagnetics is a standard geophysical method. Magnetic surveys are used to investigate geological structures and to detect small objects.

Fluxgate vector magnetometers can be powerful instruments in magnetic mapping and in the detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Being lightweight and having low power requirements, they allow the development of multi-sensor use.

MGT uses an innovative, light weight data acquisition system to sample the magnetic field sensed by a three-axis fluxgate vector magnetometer in combination with an inertial measuring unit (gyroscope and GPS sensor). In this combination it enables to keep track of the position, heading and attitude of the fluxgate sensor and provides information about the 3D orientation of the sensor at a time. An unique calibration procedure provides highest resolution of the magnetic field.

The complete system is compact, light-weight and easy to use. Its design enables rapid assemblage and integration to mobile platforms such as unmanned aircraft systems, boats and quads.

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