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Mobile Geophysical Technologies is a near-surface geophysical consulting firm. It specializes in mobile geophysical sensor technologies for cost-effective and rapid collection of geo-located data. It offers vital support to engineering and environmental clients involved in infrastructure projects as well as geophysical exploration services to mining companies.

MGT collects, processes and interprets geophysical data sets related to the Earth’s surface and the soils and rocks beneath.

MGT is a high-technology group backed by strong international R&D teams  and experienced professionals. Our commitment to clients is to provide leading-edge services. Our services include survey planning, permitting and shipping of equipment worldwide.

As a novelty in geophysics MGT employs an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that provides a rapid and cost-effective geophysical measuring platform. The UAS is capable of fully autonomous flight, which operates in the way point route plan mode. In this mode the helicopter flies a pre-programmed series of way points by executing pre-defined mission parameters (coordinates, heading, altitude, speed).

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